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Business Coaching: How do I extend my skills?

Example: Ms. A. takes over the management of a long existing department. She does not yet know the informal rules and does not make the figure that corresponds to her position in team meetings. The recognition of the employees is missing. But on her own she does not find the necessary concepts to strategically strengthen her role and to free her everyday work from the emerging unpleasant feelings. This is where business coaching with Helga Odendahl comes into play …

For everyone who wants to develop professionally – in the company, as a self-employed person or executive – a business coaching as professional consulting and support can enable your goal-oriented advancement. Whether in individual coaching or in team coaching.

For example, business coaching helps you with the topics

  • conduct difficult conversations with employees
  • delegate more efficiently
  • team motivation
  • Conduct negotiations
  • Time management – how do I deal with pressure?
  • Dealing with change and which strategies help
  • make safe decisions, which things are important for me?

Recognize and activate strengths: Tools & Techniques

Business coach Helga Odendahl uses various tools in coaching: from reflection, role-plays, question techniques and feedback to visualizations, metaplan cards or symbolizations.

If you want to make better use of your strengths or think about jumping into the next higher dimension of your business, business coaching will bring you forward.

Please contact me at: 0177-2664514, describe your situation and let us talk about how we can tackle your problem in a free initial consultation.


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