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Executive Coaching: Further development is decisive

Example: Mr. W. is a manager – and would like to improve something about his appearance as a manager. How does my style affect others? What gives cause for criticism? What can I change at all? Answers to these questions can be found in coaching with Helga Odendahl…

You also benefit from executive coaching if

  • „the air is out” – as they say
  • you feel misunderstood in the company
  • you are annoyed about the ineffectiveness of your employees
  • you experience the communication between you and your team as deficient
  • want to learn how to deal with employees who are “frustrated
  • push”, break rules, are difficult to handle or simply have different needs
  • You have difficulties with motivation, your assertiveness or gruelling competition
    you feel alienated, inhibited or constantly under stress

Executive coaching based on sound personality models – such as the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Test of Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT) or GPOP, Golden Profiler of Personality, and numerous recognized techniques and tools.

Get to know your personality core and thus your leadership personality and preference strengths better and win:

  • Clarity for your person and your role
  • the knowledge of how to avoid unsatisfactory work situations
  • new perspectives and other solutions
  • the improvement of your communication

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