"goal-oriented and to the point, analytical and precise"

Annette Mateoi – CTS Companion to success GmbH

"Very instructive and useful for occasionally taking a closer look at your own personality"

Gabriele Delker – Personnel Consulting

"Helga Odendahl has expanded my perspective"

Gaby Balters – EVOLOG, Consulting

"Ms. Odendahl's coaching has helped me develop my leadership skills as a manager. The contact to my employees has improved immensely".

Peter G. – Head of Department

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Published so far: Book and professional articles by Helga Odendahl

Successful coaches present intervention techniques from their coaching practice. With the last volume of the trilogy, renowned coaches from different schools of thought once again present their preferred intervention techniques. The reader thus participates in a very broad spectrum of methodological competence.

Business Coach Helga Odendahl from Cologne describes absorption techniques within the coaching process in a professional article of this book.

The book can be ordered here…

Publication: General-Anzeiger, Bonn: Are women sufficiently supported?

Helga Odendahl is a psychotherapist and coaches women in leadership positions. The Colognian does not find that women are promoted enough, necessary are for example special Coachings. The topics with women are different, for example how do I assert myself or how do I position myself correctly? Click here for the article…

Business Coach Cologne

Business Coaching Cologne and Berlin - Helga Odendahl

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