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Executive coaching for women: More self-confidence for the game of power

Example: Ms. M. repeatedly states the following with great dissatisfaction: In the team meetings she always positions herself as a reserved part and has problems to assert herself…

Women communicate differently than men. They find it harder to communicate, for example when it comes to pure power games. Executive coaching for women focuses on the aspects that women in management positions in particular should pay attention to. For the belief in your success – and the trust in your abilities.

Management teams in which women work are now a business issue. This is because female decision makers are demonstrably more successful in terms of growth, profitability and success on the capital market. In order to fill a management position as a woman, you need to have faith in your success – and confidence in your abilities.

With empathy: Work on the female ego

Self-confidence, assertiveness and structured career planning are prerequisites that we can work on together in coaching by working together on questions such asWhat does it mean to be a woman in an executive position?

  • How can I become a female manager – despite a lack of role models?
  • How do I bring in my feminine and emotional qualities?
  • How does networking work as a woman in a male domain?
  • How do I as a woman make the entire system – often male-dominated – more successful?
  • How do I continue to make a career as a woman without losing myself on the way?
  • How do I combine family and career?

With the will to overcome resistance and to hold on to the belief in success, I have already been able to accompany many women who have a desire for success.

If it concerns to you to maintain ground in a “man world” – call me: under 0177-2664514. Let’s arrange a first free of charge acquaintance discussion.


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