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Example: Head of department Mr. F. is a top manager and his team is actually well prepared for the tasks ahead. But when it comes to communication, things are not going well. So that everyone pulls together, team coaching makes sense here.

If a more open management style is to be established or a new supervisor comes along, or if a lack of team commitment or transparency impairs the abilities of your team, then team coaching is needed.

Achieving top performance as a team: Team coaching helps

  • to promote the perception of other team members
  • understand the views of other team members
  • to strengthen the bond within the team
  • improve linguistic communication


Your team coach: trained as a coach, as well as in psychotherapy and group therapy

As a psychotherapist and group therapist, I bring a lot of experience to the task of examining the dynamics of your team and holding up a mirror “Stand Now”: for successful paths, valuable impulses, a better working atmosphere and fewer misunderstandings.

To achieve this, we work in team coaching with the following tools, for example:

Team diagnosis: for problem identification and definition of measures
Management function checklist: Determination of the distribution of tasks
Planning and role plays: e.g. to improve communication behavior or to strengthen the sense of unity

Support your team work – and develop your team into an exemplary top team. With professional team coaching.

Call me now – at: 0177-2664514 – for more information about coaching duration & more as well as an individual offer for your company.

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